new little collective member!

our girl Jen produced this amazing little guy last week! say hello to Hayden!

he is going to be a fabulous little man I can tell already. So us z-town girls got together and whipped up this character filled quilt for him:

We each made a square, Mel (Spread the Love) made the great Little Brother piggy, I made the denim patched papa and bambi, Kimberley (Chez Sucre Chez) stitched up the little fire red chick, and Sara Smedley screened the distelfink. I honestly can't believe we pulled it off! and with no major drama!

Many hands do make light work, those darn Mennonites were right again!

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alex/hello bluebird said...

oh! congrats to jen and her sweet little family! hayden is beautiful, and i love the name!
that quilt isn't too shabby, either--great teamwork! love it.