Rich deep dark green has been on my mind since my little jaunt to new england last week. We by accident happened upon a great landscape photo show by Neal Rantoul at the Photostop Gallery at the Tip Top Art Center in White River Junction Vermont:

I think these were taken from a helicopter - and they were printed out h-u-g-e. nice stuff ...

it got me thinking instantly about my obsession with malachite and jade! I pulled out this ad from a magazine years ago, mainly because of the "branding" -- the bottles are amazing, and the ads were kinda earthy and classy. and it smells SO GOOD. I'm pretty much obsessed with perfume.

their scent collection included malachite, alabaster, rosewood, and jade. I would totally buy the whole collection if I could.

This whole thing really pushed my over the edge to go ahead and start collecting some teeny jade and jasper beads to experiment with:

I fear I may be treading on cheesy territory here. thoughts?