tulips and baby cows named Viola

man, I wish I could come up with cheeky cool blog post titles! I'm just cutting to the chase on this one. Here's another set I made up - another matchy matchy necklace & earring pairing:

I really feel like I haven't gotten my fill of this pattern yet - I might have to tweak them a little more, I'm thinking about a little charm bracelet as well. I love the curvy shapes, I'm calling them deco, they might be more nouveau but whatever.

Check out the similar curves on these pretty boys from Art1Modern:

I like to tell myself that I'd be alright with having some hides in my house. But in the end I don't think I would be. come on, seriously. Viola?

oh man, let's move on to another topic, that's too sad. Let's talk wallpaper! One of my favorites is from the good ole D-Po:

It's some kind of 20" border paper, I don't get it. maybe along the bottom of a room? mysterious.

I'll leave you with this awesome snowflake lady, she's more nouveau than deco I guess. but festive nonetheless:

you rule Priceszna Hyacinta ....

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