here's to the little babies ...

I made up some more little versions that were so popular at the craft fairs this year. I forget that not everyone likes big "statement" jewelry. It seems that babies are the theme this year - Michelle Duggar is on her 19th (omg her womb), Katherine Heigl is adopting a Korean baby, and my friends are starting on their second rounds, holy moley. yea for cute onesies!

Anyway, here are my babies. new to the shop: teeny bees, tiny blossoms, itty bitty birds, and mini buckhorns. wait do baby deer have antlers? well that just doesn't make sense then ...

I switched up the chain to make things a little easier on the construction end, and a cheaper on the buyer's end. bonus for everyone.

While we're talking on babies, check out these sweet guys from Sharon Montrose's blog:

I've talked about her before but I just can't seem to get enough of her simple gorgeous animal photos. she has all these great behind the scenes animal shoot photos too, what an endeavor! I can't imagine trying to wrangle an elk for a shoot! and wouldn't ya kow she's etsy's seller of the week too! read her interview here.

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