vacuuming the jewelry box

Secretly raiding my mother's jewelry box was one of my favorite things to do when I was younger. Sometimes when I get all spazzy in the head I clean and organize my own jewelry box (you know the montage in Amelie where her parents have an obession with vacuuming out their purses and tool boxes? I SO relate to that!)

There's always some good stuff in there I forget about:

I snagged this little owl earring from my mom's box when I was 8 or 9 (I was a klepto as well as a snooper!) It's teeny ruby eyes are so sweet I can't stand it! too bad I lost other one somewhere, so bad of me I know.

I got these bad boys at a Himalayan store in West Virginia ... did you ever hear about that myth/urban legend that people on your direct opposite side of the globe are the most similar to you in body look, home styles, and creative tendencies? I think it only works with Tibetans and Navajos, apparently. What's directly opposite Virginville PA? Japan? um, so much for that, nevermind. I'm obsessed with these earrings but never wear them. must change that!

This ring once belonged to my husband's grandmother, my mother-in-law recently gifted it to me. I guess since she had 2 daughters she felt weird choosing which one to give it to, I was in a unique category of only daughter-in-law so it went to me!! It is so insanely beautiful. Rumor has it grandma purchased it with funds she earned teaching piano lessons. my goodness. It reminds me so much of visiting Saint-Gaudens.

While we're on the topic of sweet grandmothers, mine gave me these itty bitty gold hoops (about 1/2" wide!) when I was way too young to be wearing such delicate lovely things, maybe for my first communion? I love that wire hoop style, I snagged that idea for my scale and sunflower earrings.

how can I talk about my favorite jewelry and not mention my darling engagement ring? it's really perfect actually - clean, slick modernish and doesn't get caught on things. My husband picked it out all by his own little self and surprised me in Central Park on the 4th of July a ways back. and if any of you know my husband - for him to spend a year searching and going through the drama of secretly going to NYC to pick it out without blabbing it to everyone was a real accomplishment, it's from Japanese designer Niwaka. It's called "Grace", my favorite mennonite name!

and to prove that not everything has to be sentimental or semi-precious to have real "value" I got this big fat piece of bling in a $1 freezer bag full of costume jewelry at the Hope Rescue Mission in skanky Reading, Pa - it was SO worth it!

It's my wonder twin ring!

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