new shots

I'm getting all ants in the pants about my old photos lately. somehow they seem so BLAH. So I took a little trek down to the creek and found some great moss and tried out some new ideas.

these aren't the finals in anyway, just looking to see if I like it. Thoughts? I guess I'm feeling very green, with all that rain everything is booming right now! The old wood-backed shots seem so, I don't know, winter-ish. Also I'd like this first "collection" of pieces to be very nature themed, because the next ones are going to be very architectural themed. I'd like to portray that in my photos. somehow.

I'd love to have very ethereal-type shots, especially for my model shots ... I love the work of Irene Suchocki, talk about dreamy:

All this green makes me long for the northwest coast, we've been talking about biking from Seattle to San Fran for years, maybe if I say it out loud we'll have to do it?!

can you imagine biking through this? and seeing a baby sasquatch? that would be SO AWESOME.

Here's some wonderful prints from an excellent northern California artist, Timber Preservation Society.

my goodness. and look, they do skateboards!

penny farthings, stove pipe hats, sasquatchs, airstreams ... stop stop you're killing me!

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Clothesline said...

those dreamy shots are dreamy indeed - you can borrow my holga camera to try out some dreamy shots of your own.