So "garbage scores" are some my favorite things ever - I haven't become a crazy dumpster diver yet, but I do slowly drive through neighborhoods and alleys on garbage nights.  "Ground scores" are even better - like sunglasses found in the road or a hat on a hiking trail, it's very serendipitous, you usually need that item right at that moment and POOF! there it is.  I usually end up leaving it for someone else when I'm done with it.

but even better than both of those combined is the ever elusive "yard score" - things that literally blow into your yard in a wind or rain storm. I found this wadded paper in my tomatoes:

It reads:

Love Line

Love is very hard to understand
It should be spread all over the land

People seem to think it it easy to come by
Then there are other's that don't even have to try

Boys and girls fall into puppy love while in school
Teenagers fall in love and think it is very cool

To me love is very serouis 
and will last forever

Now that I am in love
I will leave her never

I hope her love will last till the end of time
Or together our love is not worth a dime 

Right now, in this little wholesome hamlet of Virginville, is a youngster workin' it out through rhyme ...  good luck little man, whoever you are, you're going to need it.  


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Clothesline said...

OMG - that's completely incredible. (maybe it was jackson)