Step 1

I just now realized that this makes me look like a crazy person. I admittedly have selective OCD which works out well for me with jewelry making - not so much with house cleaning.

This is how I start off a big batch of work - each design is traced onto paper which is then glued to a large sheet of sterling. This size changes every time depending on my silver budget at that moment. I really should get more assembly line I know ... each piece is then hand cut with a mini handsaw, filed, soldered, polished, blah blah - it sounds a lot more tedious than it is.

Surprisingly, this part is one of my favorite steps. I line up some trashy tv series on youtube and spend about 8 straight hours trying to piece this puzzle together. All the while thinking of utilizing every last millimeter of silver and repeating each design equally. It always seems to work out. It amazes me everytime. (I must learn to photocopy this when I'm finished!) I'm looking into casting, laser cutting in the future, but until I figure that out I have to do it the old fashioned way.

There are some new designs in there that I haven't put up in my shop yet, can you see them?


tara - said...

i love what you said about selective OCD! that is so me!

speaking of new designs, ever thought of designing an owl piece?? if you do, be sure to tell my husband.

Sara Smedley said...

Way cool Karen! I'm impressed!