a movie I might pay to see

So there's an incredible hype out there right now for the movie Coraline. I don't have cable but my nephew told me all about it. in detail. I usually don't give a hoot for really hyped up movies but this one seems worth it - I just spent 20 minutes on their amazing website. I don't think it's a Tim Burton but it's got that feel. It's being lauded as a serious DIY flick - you can tell by these pics.

For once I wouldn't mind if these movie people got paid some serious bucks for their crafty skills. and they're all so attractive and look like they'd be fun to hang out with!

seriously. the cuteness is a little out of hand. next you're going to tell me that all these boys are European too! jeeez. (this guy is a dead ringer for Amelie's boyfriend wouldn't you say?)

The set is kind of giving the creepy vibe but let's hope it leaves us all with some warm fuzzies a la Amelie and Wallace & Grommet. the main character is voiced by Dakota Fanning, whom I'm really proud of for not turning out all hussy like most other hollywood 15 yr olds. and how could I forget to mention! Ian McShane (hello! Swearingen on DEADWOOD!) plays some weird circus ring master or something.

But the best part is these boxes. Apparently these attractive crafters surprised 50 of their favorite bloggers and sent them each a unique box full of random pieces from the set and promo materials. genius marketing!

here's the one given to Toy Cutter, read more about it here. what a score.

and while we're on the topic of inspiring things for kids/adults, here's some inspiring words from an unsung hero. take the 7 minutes to watch it. it's worth it.


Dine Indie said...

we gotta get this to come to the strand (that's longshot probly though) I wanna see this too!

wayne miller said...

yo. . . maybe one of those "cuties" is related to James hyland jewellllll. his brother in-law out in portland, or. supposedly did major work on that film. his sis (james's) was at christi and dave's on new years. just saw twilight. great sets!!!!!!!

Skylark Studio said...

omg rough goat! you saw twilight???