I really love bees. I mean REALLY love them. Minus the stingers I think they are the cutest little fuzzy creations ever. the excellent Kimberly over at ChezSucreChez inspired me to bring out my bees for my blog ... she did a great post about collecting honey. Will we see an embroidered bee in the future?? say yes!!

So here he is:

he's pretty cute right?
I've been carrying around this bottlecap for years now, who knows where it came from, but I figured it would serve as an inspiration for something someday and I was right! so this justifies my habit of filling my pockets and drawers with odd garbage-y artifacts...

In the design world, I tend towards bees on paper more than other places. I especially love the way bees look in letterpress or stamp form:

letterpress card by Pearl & Marmalade, matches by Areo Home, thank you card by Hello! Lucky.

but here's a pretty great super bee shirt from etsy seller Dallas Shaw

I also made a tie tack,well, just cuz why not? dang he looks good on that tie!

I'll leave you with some highlights in bee history:

(why so sad Honeycombs? OMG her name is Honey!)

(John Belushi & Dan Ackroyd, SNL 1975)

(cool guy Jason Schwartzman from Rushmore)

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