run and hide!

So Monday is the first day of hunting season in Pennsylvania. I'm hearing gun shots all over the place. No better day to talk about the buckhorns!

I originally made these for my friend Sue, as a thank you for loaning me tons of plates and flatware for my wedding. So gracious and awesome! She's the only girl I've ever known that has actually shot a buck. crazy.

Antlers have gotten alot of attention in the design world for the last few years, and I think I even read somewhere that they were declared "so 2006". Just like me to be behind the ball on this one. But I feel like they are a classic timeless motif. For instance, take this amazing church steeple in Rome.

That certainly hasn't gone out of style. It was the inspiration for the logo of the coffee shop across the street. (thanks to Mary for this, check out her gorgeous dog collars!)

see? there he is, peeking out behind their grancaffe.

I was also loving the silhouette of this necklace, very much inspired by my soon to be best friend someday, if he'll have me, Danny Seo. These are hand painted animal silhouette plates in his craft room in New Hope:

I'm also really into the ironic take on mounted bucks that are popular right now, this one by Rachel Denny is particularly cuddly.

and here's the matching tie tack I made just for fun. Take a look at that John Deer tie! (found in the same barn junk pile where I found the Flying Pigeon bicycle! what a garbage score!)

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